Caliban Arts Theatre was founded in 1995, and registered as a professional non-profit arts organization in 1996. Caliban Arts is a multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary arts and culture organization, committed to explorations of arts, culture, education and our social environment/condition. Our mission is to explore arts/culture through complex diversity dialogues which include critical social, and historical contexts, as well as in compelling and engagingly innovative, meaningful and informative ways. We aim to assist, creatively and humbly, in pushing community forward imaginatively while being respectfully engaged and aware of diversity, individuality and difference. While our commitment is first and foremost to arts/culture, we feel strongly about our position as global citizens with social commitments and responsibilities in a global city. As a result we have been committed to demonstrate acts of humanity and care with respect to youth and individuals at risk, elders and those “seeking shelter”, as have grown as an organization for 20 more years.

Our primary goal and objective since the first days, is to present the work and talent of Canadian artists, with emphasis on culturally diverse/racialized artists, through multidisciplinary lens. Our programming is specifically concerned with fostering artistic development and fostering discussion of complex contemporary ideas. Over the past 20 years we have produced hundreds of projects with significant partnerships and have employed thousands of artists, 75% being artists of diverse cultural backgrounds. Partnerships have enabled the work of Caliban to reach a broad-based public and we currently have a mailing list of over 10,000 supporters to draw upon.

Since its inception, Caliban Arts has had a unique artistic len that embraced a complex view of cultural product; a view that incorporated issues of class, gender and all the complexities of intersectionality. Caliban Arts aims to explicate this interwoven complexity to create understanding of the human condition through arts/culture.

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