About Caliban Arts Theatre


Caliban Arts Theatre was founded in 1995 and launched in 1996. Caliban Arts speaks to diversity, critical cultural theory, creative diverse, artistic designs, and presentations. Caliban aims to develop and program creative projects which aim to enlighten and engage our audiences. We are interested in the African Canadian creative narrative and journey while being keenly connected to the global and human condition. The Company was founded with a strong commitment to develop, promote and present, on stage and before live audiences, the works and talents of local African Canadian and diverse professional and emerging artists in Toronto, as well as other national and international artists. Our primary objective is to work and present the work and talent of Canadian artists. At Caliban Arts Theatre we are committed constructively to culture.

Our goal is to assist in pushing community forward by way of art and culture while being respectful of differences. We hope to continue to bring peoples of varying backgrounds and disciplines together through creative cultural discourse and exchange. We are willing to partner with all those who are interested in a positive mission of deeper, richer understandings and consciousness. We are not here to speak of perfections, but to understand the varying aspects of the human condition through the arts and community, and to provide the space to be critical enough to grow from what we learn.